2005 Kia Optima • 143,000 miles

This first happened when driving at 45 mph.I was pressing gas pedal but car was suddenly not responsive (however, still running - it did not cut off), pressed harder and engine responded, but then it bottomed out again and when that happens it sounds like it is in the wrong gear. Each time I press the pedal harder, it responds and repeats the same behavior above. Check engine light did not come on. I pulled over to a stop, then started driving again and it still did the same thing. My brother thought it might be the throttle position sensor, which he replaced, but that did not work. He then disconnected & reconnected the battery and it ran/drove perfectly fine as if nothing ever happened until the next day. The exact same thing happened as the previous day. The cel still did not come on. He disconnected/reconnected the battery again and it drove fine to the repair shop. They say they cannot troubleshoot until the can get the car to do this again.
September 20, 2011.

Thats correct. You cannot fix something that is not broke. The next time it happens, you need to go to a shop right away.
The fact that you re set the computer means there may be an issue with the pcm or trans control module.


Sep 20, 2011.
I have the same problem. But shop found no codes. How do I check pcm or trans control module?

Oct 26, 2011.