2004 Toyota Highlander

I started having a problem with the heat working. I could hear the air coming out but it was cold. I pulled the button off and noticed the bolt was lose so I tightened it and it worked fine. As time went on I had to tighten it more often and then eventually I had to tighten it and apply pressure. Being broke I wedged a penny on the side of the dial (to permenantly apply pressure) and it worked (sometimes). Now when I turn the heat on nothing happens unless it is as high as it can go and it gives a VERY loud rrrrr noise. Like the fan is running high speed but I get little or no heat not to mention how annoying the sound is. Winter is here and I have three children and have to have heat. What do I do?
December 17, 2012.

First, the blower motor is the noise.

Second, you will have to replace the control for the heat that you have been messing with. No more band aids. It needs to be fixed right


Dec 18, 2012.