2002 Jaguar X-Type • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 120,000 miles

4th gear slips in automatic transmission (JATCO JF506E) and drivetrain warning light persists. Local transmission specialist says that there is nothing special in the OBD and insists that the whole unit should be replaced.

When trying to source a rebuilt unit online one transmission parts dealer I found claims that it can be solved by changing only the high clutch in the existing unit. They say it's a 3 hours job without having to remove the transmission from the car.

Could this be true and worth trying without using a rebuilt trans and removing the engine+unit? It would save $2000+ and 8 hours+ of labour.

Thank you sincirely in advance for your opinion!
March 17, 2011.

If the only problem is the slipping in 4th, he is correct. The clutches must be bad, and it does not need a complete replacement. I would take the vehicle to him.

Thanks for your fast reply! My problem is that the car and this specialist are in two different continents so I have to use a local garage to do the job.

Can you advice briefly how the clutch change procedure goes in AWD X-type's case? How much do you have to strip down to get to the clutches?

PS. What a great service this is! I'll have to up my donation next time.

Mar 17, 2011.
The discs that need replaced are in the front of the transmission. I would recommend removing the trans, but it isn't needed. Unbolt from the engine, remove front pump, remove clutch packs. Since you are already in there, I would replace all discs.