2002 Honda Accord • 135,000 miles

I have a 2002 honda accord 3.0 Litre. Have been having a problem with the check engine light coming on for about a year. It was diagnosed as a sensor in the gass tank. It would go on and off by itself. Also there has been an SRS warning light and the side airbag light that comes on and off. The car also intermittently would sputter and die when I would put it in gear. I would have to rev the engine and put it in gear then it ran fine. The car now does not start. It may or may not roll over when I start the car. The gass gauge goes from showing that there is gass to as if the car ignition is off. I am thinking that there is an electrical problem and leaning towards a bad computer. Any other idea's?
July 16, 2012.

What are codes from the computer?

Jul 16, 2012.
Sorry no codes

Jul 16, 2012.
If the check light has been coming on there will be set fault codes, you may need a better quality scanner to read them, you can also test the code system is working by introducing a known code, unplug the TPI try a start and then do a read it should show that TPI as a fault, if so the system is working as it should.

Jul 16, 2012.