2002 Cadillac Deville • 99,000 miles

I had to replace my power booster and master cylinder for the braking system. While bleeding the lines a line twisted and broke off. The line that is at the front of the master cylinder. There is an extension that goes from the cylinder to the fitting that connects the line that's where it snapped off. What cabinet do? Do I have to replace the entire line? The line goes from metal to a crimped fitting to mesh then another crimped fitting back to metal. And that's as far as I can see down. Can anyone help me?
November 4, 2012.

You will need to replace the line especially since this is your brake system. If I understand you correct on what is snapped off, you should be able to get this line from the parts department already made up with fittings and the correct bends in it. Again, this is your brakes so you want the correct fit for your safety and the safety of others.

Nov 4, 2012.