2001 Ford Focus • V12 2WD Manual • 83,000 miles

I have a grinding noise coming from the back of the car when breaking, This seems to happen when the car is cold and disappears once running for a while. I have has the front disc and pads replaced and the back cylinders but still happening

Check to see what condition thepads in the rear are. It could be a buildup of rust causing this as well. If you see score marks on the rotors or if drums have the brakes replaced int eh back or you can go to the site hereon DIY and it covers brakes front and rear.

Feb 3, 2011.
If you hear grinding sounds when you apply the brakes: * The most common cause for this condition is when the lining has worn past its service limit and the metal plate is contacting the rotor.
* Some drivers may experience a grinding noise only when the pedal is slightly applied and the vehicle is moving very slow (such as slightly releasing the pedal from a stop position). This operation is normal.