1998 Ford Explorer • 95,000 miles

I have changed the torque converter and the valve body and put it all back together and now when I put the auto transmission oil in it will only take about 6.5 litres before it comes out of the overflow and it will not engage in any gears the shifter will move thro the gear ranges but there is nothing can u help I was wandering if it was the transmission fluid pump at fault if I replace this will it solve the problem
September 3, 2012.

You need to diagnose the problem and locate the source before taking anyu action. You have already wasted so much time and money on it because of guessing.

The transmission would not take too much fluid at one go. You need to fill some, start engine, shift through gears, check level and top up again.

What was the initial problem for you to replace those parts?

Sep 3, 2012.
Sounds like the vent to the trans is plugged or onen of the things you replaced like the valve body may bewrong. It may be full as well. Besides it only takes 9.5 qts to fill it anyhow. Before you pull the trans, have a trans guy run a scan on it, it may be an electrical problem or one of the clutch failed. Why did you start doing this stuff anyhow?

Sep 3, 2012.