1997 Dodge Dakota • 16,500 miles

New to site but here it goes have searched site with some great tips, but still no go.

97 dakota 5.2

truck starts idles bad, give it gas backfires like timing is off no power stalls.
smells rich also.

get 2 codes P0320/P1391

have replaced cam sensor and crank sensor twice to make sure.

has new plugs, cap, rotor, distributor, coil, engine computer.

firing order is correct.

have check all splices, fuses, grounds, and so on.
February 12, 2013.

Check for vacuum leaks, check to see if fuel pump pressure is within the manufacturer's specs, check to see if compression is good.

Well ty Jacob for reply, we went trough everything on the truck down to even checking timing chain and cam for worn lobes, ran down all wiring, compression, fuel spent endless hours. Well found the problem.

Was talking to a friend and he said how buying some things re-manufactured. Sometimes u get a bad one so I went to look up the PCM for my truck and it came up not for this vehicle I was like wtf, so I started cross referencing some numbers and found out the parts shop gave me the wrong PCM was for V6 and at the time I even had him double check fit to vehicle.

From now on I'll have part numbers in hand before I even enter parts store again.

Thank. Tim

Feb 28, 2013.