1993 Toyota Celica • 200,000 miles

Hey all. This car is driving me crazy so I figured i'd drop a line, see if I can get some help. Anyhoo

1993 celica. High mileage but the maintenence has been performed.
Car will not start. It will be running great for a few days, but then I will go out to start it, and I will get nothing. Just a click.
I noticed then at that point by accident after taking the key out, that even with the key out, I can still use my power windows and sunroof. Just not the radio or horn.
Now, up until may, the car did have an aftermarket alarm system, some crime stopper model. The anti theft activated several times, killing the car. The kill switches didnt work, so I just ripped out the crime stopper box. Car was running fine. Until now : ) lol

Now when I turn the key, there is a clicking noise coming from the lower left hand panel. The clicking noise is coming from a a black plug marked relay isd m4-s 12 v. It was getting warm when I left the key. Sometimes if I wiggle the wires the car starts but, at this point I am at my wits end. The starters good. The batterys good (both tested). I think this antitheft is somehow still in there and stopping my car from starting. Any ideas?

i appreciate your help if you've read through this thanks

Wiggle what wires? Where?

Sounds like an ignition switch issue.


Aug 14, 2012.
Sorry I wasnt more specific. My dad did it actually one time when it died. The wires that are going into the steering wheel underneath the dash. Its all screwed up there and I no next to nothing about wiring : (
this might be stupid to ask but where is the ignition switch?

I appreciate the reply : )

Ignition switch is at end of steering lock. The opposite end of where you insert the key.

Aug 14, 2012.
Thanks ill have to check it out

Is ignition a switch a pain to do?

Not really. Rather a simple job but you need to disconnect the battery first as it has hot wires that can carry high amperage and can cause damages if accidentally shorted.

You need to remove the steering cover to get at it.

Aug 14, 2012.
Hmm thanks a lot : ) when testing the igntion switch should I use a multimeter or continuity tester? Im asking because I know nothing of wiring.I can change oil brakes and damn near everything else but I suck at wiring. Once again I really appreciate the help

If you wish to test the ignition switch, do not disconnect the battery as you need to test the switch under operating mode, ie turning the key to start.
Testing the voltage would be a better option as you would be turning the ignition switch to see if it cranks and you do not know when it works and when not. Testing the continuity might not be accurate.

Aug 14, 2012.
I am at my wits end here. It also doesnt help that I know next to nothing about electrical issues. I knwo there is still wiring left over from the "alarm" system but im not sure if I should just rip those out or whatever. I know that all the lights on my dash are on. Sometimes the chime when the key is in goes in and out when I wiggle the wires leading to the ignition. Im still getting the click from the relay plug in the lower left kick panel. I have no equipment, no money, lol the usual. Im sure some of you know how it is. Car is still not starting, just getting a click from the relay.I tried to jump it. Its just making a very fast clicking noise like it wants to turn over but it just isnt getting the juice. As I said previously, battery's been tested.I took the car to autozone about a month ago and they ran the ignition system and battery test and it was all good so I do not know what to do.I am half tempted to just set the car on fire. Lol

really appreciate the answers. And if anyone is in the baltimore/glen burnie maryland area and wants to give me a hand ill pay you what I have for the help.I would greatly appreciate it