1993 Ford Ranger • 3.0L V6 4WD Manual • 138,000 miles

Just recently I acquired my old pickup from my parents which sat around for about a year until I went to pick it up and drive it home when it died a few miles from my house. It would crank over with no start. I had the trucked towed and replaced the fuel filter the next day and the truck started right up but ran really rough like it was going to flood or had lack of air or fuel, but was running at a very high idle. I did a little investigating thinking it might be the fuel pump or inertia cut off switch. I checked the switch and I can hear the pump come on when I turn the key and they both seem to be good. I then got a little deeper, removed and cleaned the IAC sensor and MAF sensor with electrical cleaner. After that I tried starting the truck and it now turns over and starts for about 3 seconds and dies, but when it starts it starts it jumps to around 2400 rpms and shuts off. I replaced plugs, plug wires, coil, air filter, and changed the oil and still having the same issue. Starts and runs for 3 seconds @ around 2400 rpms and dies. Any ideas?
February 17, 2014.

Clean throttle plate on both sides as well as iac hole, check for a vacuum leak hoses, cracked soft etc. And check fuel pressure with a gauge. Autoparts rent that

Feb 17, 2014.
I will try both of those and see what happens. Thank you for the reply.

Feb 18, 2014.