1991 Lexus LS 400 • V8 2WD Automatic • 135,000 miles

Hi I have a 1991 ls 400 lexus and my brake peddle is going to the floor now I have put a master cylinder, a brake booster, bled the brakes system, and it is still doing the same thing I took the brake line lose on the rear and pumped the brakes and there is no fluid coming out at all if you could please tell me whats going on if possible thanks.
June 25, 2011.

Ensure you have pressure at the master cylinder both outlet joints.

Did you bench bleed the master cylinder prior to installation?

When bleeding the system, is fluids coming out of the rear brakes bleeder?

Jun 25, 2011.
I have pessure at both joints of the master cylinder and yes I did bleed the master cylinder prior to installation I dont have any fluid coming out of the brake line going to the rear brake calipers I took the line lose from the brake calipers and there is no fluid coning out at all so what do u think the problem is your expertise is vey apreciated.

Jun 26, 2011.
When there is excessive air in the system, it would take some effort to bleed the system. Try bleeding the system again, doing it slowly.

Alternatively the ABS pump is faulty and not allowing fluids to flow to rear brakes.

Jun 27, 2011.