Window regulator

  • 2003 ACURA TL
  • 110,000 MILES
On a new window regulator, should the window travel move freely on the rail? Or if it does not, is it defective? If it does not move freely, how do you make it move freely?
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Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 AT 12:16 PM

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I would think it would work smoother. I cannot say for sure what you could do to improve its function, but I will provide the directions for installing one. Read through them to see if there is anything you may have done differently. I also attached pictures for you. Keep in mind, you should apply a multi purpose grease to all sliding components. That may be where the problem lies.

003 Acura 3.2TL V6-3.2L SOHC
Vehicle Body and Frame Doors, Hood and Trunk Front Door Window Regulator Service and Repair
Front Door Glass and Regulator Replacement
Remove these items:
Door panel
Plastic cover
Carefully raise the glass until you can see the bolts, then remove them. Carefully pull the glass out through the window slot. Take care not to drop the glass inside the door.
Disconnect and detach the connector (A) and harness clip(s) (B) from the door. Remove the bolts (C, D) and loosen the bolts (E), then remove the regulator (F) through the hole in the door.
Apply multipurpose grease to all the sliding surfaces of the regulator (A) where shown.
Install the glass and regulator in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
Roll the glass up and down to see if it moves freely without binding.
Make sure that there is no clearance between the glass and glass run channel when the glass is closed.
Adjust the position of the glass as necessary.
When reinstalling the door panel, make sure the plastic cover is installed properly and sealed around its perimeter.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

Take care,
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Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 AT 8:46 PM

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