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  • 2003 INFINITI I35
  • 51,000 MILES
Can anyone to tell us where the water pump is in our car or a diagram of where it is located? Can you please help us?
Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 AT 6:45 AM

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Good morning,

I attached the location for you of the pump. It is driven by the timing chain in the motor. If you do this procedure, you need to be sure you do it exactly as the procedure suggests or the timing chain will be wrong and then engine will not run correctly.

I also attached a YouTube video for you to view as well.




When removing water pump assembly, be careful not to get coolant on drive belt.
Water pump cannot be disassembled and should be replaced as a unit.
After installing water pump, connect hose and clamp securely, then check for leaks using radiator cap tester.

1. Drain coolant from drain plugs on radiator and right side of cylinder block.
2. Remove right side engine mounting, mounting bracket and nuts.
3. Remove drive belts and idler pulley bracket.

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4. Remove water pump drain plug.
5. Remove chain tensioner cover and water pump cover.

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6. Pull lever down, and release plunger stopper tab.
Plunger stopper tab can be pushed up to release (coaxial structure with lever).
7. Insert stopper pin into tensioner body hole to fix lever, and keep the tab released.
8. Insert plunger into tensioner body by pressing slack guide.
9. Keep slack guide pressed, and fix it by pushing stopper pin through lever hole and body hole.

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10. Turn crankshaft pulley approximately 20° clockwise so that the timing chain on the chain tensioner side is loose.
11. Remove chain tensioner.

CAUTION: Be careful not to drop mounting bolts inside chain case.

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12. Loosen the 3 water pump fixing bolts. Secure a gap between water pump gear and timing chain, by turning crankshaft pulley 20° backwards.

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13. Put M8 bolts [pitch: 1.25 mm (0.0492 inch) length: approximately 50 mm (1.97 inch)] to two M8-threaded holes out of 3 water pump fixing bolt holes.
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Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 AT 7:01 AM

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