2001 Volvo V70



May, 24, 2010 AT 9:52 AM

Transmission problem
2001 Volvo V70 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 137000 miles

My vin: YV1SW58D412038648

I get a transmission service message, the car jerks when slowing down to a stop, and when when I step on the gas at the green light I can hear the trans engaging hard and then the tach flucuates when idling at a light.

I have learned to live with this by shifting to neutral when stopping, but my college going kid is now driving the car and is now complaining.

Also it vibrates at 55-60. I have checked for loose tie rods, ball joints.

Car is driven in good roads in PA

At autozone the person said I have a p1618 code, I am going to to another autozone to verify.

Is my trans toast. Car is in mint cond, with regular oil changes etc etc.


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May, 25, 2010 AT 12:21 AM

That code you posted only means that the transmission control module has fault codes stored. You need to have the transmission control module scanned for trouble codes and post them on here to see what is going on? Unfortunately I do not believe Auto Zone is capable of scanning other control modules other then the engine control module. Also you have a function called " Neutral Control" and is present on all 2001 V70 and S60 cars. It is also present on 2002 non-turbo V70 and S60 cars built before January 2002. When the vehicle comes to a stop, the Transmission Control Module (TCM) activates Neutral Control. Even though the gear selector is in the Drive position, a Neutral condition is engaged hydraulically in the transmission. Neutral Control disengages when the brake pedal is released or the throttle is applied.

SYMPTOMS: When the neutral control function is incorrect, there are three symptoms that can be felt in the car; 1. After coming to a complete stop and keeping the brakes applied, a " thump" can be felt in the car. It is felt about 2 seconds after coming to a stop.

2. When releasing the brake there is a harsh or double re-engagement of drive.

3. When idling in 'D' range with the brake applied, the engine speed oscillates (fluctuates).

In addition to these symptoms, some cars may set a DTC 012A or 012B in the TCM; which should be erased before downloading the software.

Note that Neutral Control is not active during the following; Transmission in 'W' mode

Transmission in Geartronic mode

Gear selector in 'L' range (non-Geartronic shifter)

Operating with high AC demand (higher idle speed)

What I would recommend you do first is actually to take it in to your local Volvo dealership and see if there is a software update for the transmission control module and the engine control module. Both should be done together if they are available. Sometimes the transmission control module software update will take care of some general shift qualities but will also remove the " Nuetral Control" function. If you want to avoid going to the dealrship then you should look for an independent shop that specializes working on Volvo and can actually performe the software updates if they are available. If the software does not work, then further diagnosis will need to be done and if you can get the transmission control module codes, please post them on here. Good luck and keep me posted.



June, 23, 2010 AT 12:23 PM

I took the car to jim wynn volvo in norristown, PA and for $80 they applied the upgrade.

The DTC code was: DTC 012A.

Surprising that this problem has been going on since around 90K miles, car is at 140K.

I did take the car for check engine about 2 years ago at about 110K and they did not notify me this upgrade.

Is upgrade too late?



June, 23, 2010 AT 7:12 PM

The software is a starting point. Once it is done, drive it like you normally would and see if that helps.



June, 11, 2014 AT 2:25 AM

Hi, I got the exactly same problem though. When I drive my 2002 automatic Volvo S60 D5 Diesel one suddenly appeared on the dash as transmission serviced required and when stop the car and when I need to drive there is jerk coming as well. When I get the fault code came as 012B (Neutral Check) any helps? I already changed the ATF as well but seems like still problem is there though.

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