1985 Volvo 240



November, 16, 2006 AT 7:32 AM

My son, a new driver ran our car into a ditch. The car is virtually unscathed BUT will not start. We have been told it was the NSS that was not operating. Upon inspection of the underside, we found a white wire hanging off the top of the tranny midway back. Could this be the problem? Where is this wire supposed to be connected to? ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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November, 16, 2006 AT 11:29 PM

I dont work on volvo's but it sounds like it could be the NSS and if there was some stuff in the ditch that could have scrabbed the undercarriage the wire you see hanging could be the wire for the NSS. I'd just get the car rised up and start looking for wire placement. // Try calling up a volvo dealership and see if they can help you over the phone.

Well good luck.

Jess s



December, 29, 2006 AT 5:25 PM

If your 87 Volvo has overdrive, it is electric. There is a wire that runs from the Gear shift on the floor board to the transmission. There is a " plug" that feeds into the transmission. You should be able to feel for it and re-attach.

As far as the not starting goes, I hope you have figured it out by now, but it could be as simple as a loose wire in the engine compartment.

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