2004 Volkswagen TDI



October, 26, 2010 AT 7:54 AM

Transmission problem
2004 Volkswagen TDI Two Wheel Drive Manual 51000 miles

Hi Guys, I have a VW LT35 Luton Van. I was driving the van one day and was changing gears as you do. When I changed it to 4th gear from 3rd, I found that the van did not pick up speed but heard the van revving instead. The next day it had the same affect on all the gears. When I asked a mechanic he said that the clutch needs investigating. So I took it to a garage the next morning and they quoted me £460 inclusive of all to replace the clutch etc to a new one. By the afternoon they called to say that my Duel Mass Flywheel is completely burnt out and wanted to charge me an extra £500 to also replace it.I want to know if they are just wanting for me to spend more money than I really need to. Is there any possibility that they could be lying and that all the problem is just the clutch and not the Duel Mass Flywheel aswell.


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Dr Loot

October, 31, 2010 AT 11:37 AM

Considering the size of the box and in that little TDI pulling it around, and considering how loaded you always have it, depending who's been driving it and if they really know how to work a clutch, like starting out on hills, backing up steep driveways etc. And considering how long you drove it with the clutch slipping the mechanics are probably correct, you have burned up the flywheel. Sorry about that.

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