2000 Volkswagen TDI



February, 11, 2010 AT 10:21 PM

Engine Performance problem
2000 Volkswagen TDI Front Wheel Drive Automatic 145, 00 miles

Can you tell me how much it should cost to clean the intake manifold? One shop quoted me $380 and another one said $550 - both include the EGV valve. Thanks


1 Answer


Dr Loot

February, 12, 2010 AT 9:59 PM

I'm a little confused? Why would you want to clean your intake manifold? I own a half-dozen Jetta diesel's and I love every one of them and their intake manifold's are dirty but that's just what a diesel does, if you clean it it will just get dirty again, just because it looks black does not mean it is dirty And you have to clean, is your jetta experiencing some kind of problems? I have a 1981 Volkswagen rabbit since it was new and I have never cleaned the intake manifold and it is very black but it runs like a champ.

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