2001 Toyota Tundra Changing Brake Pads


Brakes problem
2001 Toyota Tundra V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

Hey guys, im looking into replacing my own brake pads. I already checked my rotors. They couldn't be smoother. So they are okay. I'm curious, is there just 1 type of break pad for a 01 tundra, or can their be different kinds. I've been told i'll have to go in and match them up. Also the caliper is stock.

On the subject of actually changing the pads
Items i'll need:
2 jack stands
caliper grease
wrench, ratchet set
possibly c clamp and some wood.

I've been told this is how its done:
1: Get the car on jack stands, remove the tire.
2: Remove the caliper bolts and remove it, hang up it.
3: Take out brake pads and remove guides
4: replace brake pads and guides, grease the guides.
? Im not sure if iw ill need to c clamp down the piston. Any information on that would be great.
5: put back the caliper, secure it
6: bleed brakes, will I need to do that?

also the truck is 2wd, and can switch to 4hi, and 4lo

Thanks guys, any help advice is great!L

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Hi shibity,

You have got the procedures almost all correct except you do not need to bleed and you have to push the pistons back. However what you have is for 2WD whereas your vehicle is 4WD. Caliper need not be removed.

The 2 types of brake pads mentioned is 2WD and 4WD.


NOTE: Pushing piston into caliper bore will force fluid back into master cylinder reservoir. Remove reservoir cap when compressing caliper piston.

Removal (Sequoia, Tacoma 4WD, Tacoma Pre Runner, Tundra & 4Runner)
Loosen master cylinder reservoir cap. Raise vehicle and remove wheels. Remove clip, 2 pins, anti-rattle spring, 2 pads and 4 anti -squeal shims. See Fig. 8 .


NOTE: Always change pads on one wheel at a time. Opposite piston may be pressed out by fluid pressure.

Remove enough brake fluid from master cylinder so overflow will not occur as piston is seated. Seat pistons using a hammer handle or equivalent. Slide NEW pads and anti -rattle shims into caliper. Install retaining pins and anti -rattle spring. Install clip into retaining pin holes. Check reservoir fluid level.

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