1993 Toyota Supra



October, 9, 2008 AT 12:05 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Toyota Supra 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 205000 miles

i have a 93 supra. The car was running perfect 3 days ago. I went to crank it up about an hour after drving it home and the idle was realy rough. Decided not to drive the car. The next day I cranked it up and now it idles steady at 1800 rpms. Drove the car around the block and it is running very rich with a little black smoke. I need some help please! There is no CEL

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November, 16, 2008 AT 8:08 AM

Remove and clean the IAC.

Generally a high idle is a vacuum leak. Check all the vacuum lines for cracks.
They get brittle with age and constant heat cycles, abd can crack very easily.

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