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I have 1992 toyota pickup 4 cylinder 5 speed standard with 179006 miles on it. About a month ago it started overheating. I did a flush job on it and it ran fine. About 2 days ago it overheated again and I stuck my finger inside the radiator and there was white gooey kind of oily substance. I pulled the radiator and hoses and cleaned them inside and out with a hose. I drove it again and it still overheated I drained it and it was kind of oily but no white gooey substance and there was a muddy kind of oily substance on the thermostat. What is it. Thank You.
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Friday, July 27th, 2007 AT 11:01 AM

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Take the Stat out and take it for a test drive, is it still overheating? If so follow below:Try replacing the thermostat-not it do the following below:

Have it block and pressure tested-do the block first to pinpoint a combustion leaking into the cooling system or a gas analyzer to sniff for hydrocarbons at the radiator fill neck.

Pressure test: do not do a pressure test if there's leakage at the headgasket this might cause coolant into the cylinders and lock it up or bend a connecting rod if cranked thereafter. The headgasket should be repaired before doing the pressure test.

If the block and pressure test passes check the following: Thermostat, Pressure test the Rad. Cap, Clogged radiator, Fan clutch, Radiator electrical fan, Fan relay or the computer, collaspe hoses, water pump.
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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 AT 8:05 PM

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