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I have a 1986 Toyota SR5 2wd with 4 cylinder 5 speed and 190,000 miles. The wheel studs broke off the rear axle and I can't get the drum off. The drum and axle turn just fine and their are no funny noises or hard spots. Pretty sure I have to back off the shoes but can't figure out how its done. There is a slot at the top of the backing plate similar to what is found on the bottom of American cars for backing off the adjuster but it doen't appear to be for that purpose. What's the trick? Don't want to break anything.

Saturday, September 1st, 2007 AT 4:37 PM

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Better look again there's a hole on the backing plate to loosen or tighten the starwheel-if not on the face of the drum does it have 2- threaded hole-if so find the correct size bolt and equally tighten it up to remove the drum-when it gets stubborn heat it up and bang on it.

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Saturday, September 1st, 2007 AT 5:00 PM

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