1978 Toyota Landcruiser



April, 19, 2009 AT 6:25 PM

Engine Cooling problem
1978 Toyota Landcruiser 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual

Hi. I own a 78 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser. After running my engine for less than 5 minutes, the temp gage indicates that it is overheating, but the engine and rad are both cold to touch. I drove for 10 minutes and found antifreeze sprayed all over the place under the hood. I flushed the rad and hoses, checked my cap and hoses for leaks. After I flushed it, when I tried to replace the exact amount of fluid, it would only take half the fluid. So I ran my engine again for 5 minutes and I still can't add any more fluid. I'm afraid the fluid isn't getting to the engine. Why would this be happening?


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April, 19, 2009 AT 6:38 PM

Check the water pump and then comeback

One way to test for a bad water pump is to squeeze the upper radiator hose when the engine is hot and idling. Careful, because the hose will be HOT! If you do not feel much coolant circulating through the hose when you rev the engine, the pump may be bad. The other cause might be a bad thermostat that is not opening properly (remove and inspect the thermostat), or a clogged radiator.

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