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1999 Toyota Corolla



May, 5, 2006 AT 3:59 AM

I have a 99 Toyota Corolla with 76k on it. I am the first owner. About 3 weeks ago the problem started with engine start. After turning the ignition switch it just makes a chic sound don't start. If the car radio is on it comes on/fan as well. All the lights on the dashboard also comes on as it should be but car don't start. After 3/4 tries it starts. Some time it starts first time without any problem. I thought battery connection problem. Two days ago at the time of changing engine and transmission oil asked the mechanic to clean the battery connection and he did. Thought that solved the problem but it did not. Battery charge is green. Changed the spark plugs 15K miles ago. Touching the ignition switch feels little warmer but it is like that for long time. This morning at the time of going to work it started after third try. On the way back home after work it started first try. What do you think is the problem? Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. : Roll:


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May, 6, 2006 AT 1:33 PM

Toyota starters have a replacable starter contactor. You can get the kit from a dealer. Remove the starter and replace the contactors. It should fix the problem

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