1993 Toyota Corolla



April, 23, 2007 AT 1:07 AM

I recently drove my 93' Toyota Corolla car through some water and it has been drying out for about 5 days and it will no longer start. The engine makes a single " click" or bang and does nothing else. Before I had it towed to my house it would make a loud grinding rumbling sound as if it was about to start. The water was only about halfway up the wheel. When it went into the water I panicked and kept pushing the gas and trying to get it to start again which probly made it worse. I took the air filter out and it was soaked also the dipstick showed signs of some water in the oil. I dont know much about cars but wut can I do to fix this?


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April, 23, 2007 AT 9:21 AM

Well from what I know bout cars u prolly just killed urs lol. U prolly fried ur computer and if theres water in ur oil I wouldnt wanna start it anyways cuz water and oil dont mix so if u get water down in ur bearings its pushes all the oil out and youll spin a bearing or throw a rod. My moms old car went through this when I was younger thats why I know : p. Theres all kinds electronical stuff that gets ruined even if u so much as get dew in ur car from the morning. I cant imagine if u had it half full of water. Wtf happen? Did u go skiing? Lol. But I know for sure u might as well get a new car cause u got water all in ur engine, transmission, dash. ALL that will have to be torn apart and replaced. Sucks. Sry if I didnt help ya any

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