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October, 25, 2009 AT 2:11 AM

Engine Performance problem
2010 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 650 miles

Brand new car 3 weeks old and I'm smellingfumes and can't figure out where it is coming from. By the 3rd week I'm driving with the windows open headache burning in lungs. Finally I'm pulling into my driveway and oil is everywhere and the engine has smoke coming out of it. I open the hood for the 1st time and there is no cap on the oil tank and oil is everywhere. I had to put oil in to get to the dealer. First of all the oil light never went on. Also could there be damage to the engine down the road. Should I demand a new car. Thanks


Oil Leak From Engine


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October, 25, 2009 AT 2:28 AM

Hi there,

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Do you know how much oil the engine lost? I know its a bit hard to tell but was it showing on the dip stick when you check the level? If so apart from the mess and the smell you really should not have a problem, if the light did not come on you never fell below the critical oil pressure level, so your engine was still protected with sufficient oil pressure, but never the less, this should never happen, I would insist on getting a report from the dealer stating what happened and they should give you an extended warranty, if you get no help at dealer level, go to the top make a noise at head office customer relations, this should get some action going.

Mark (mhpautos)



October, 25, 2009 AT 7:36 AM

Great advice (as usual) by Mark.

Additionally, I would demand that the entire engine compartment be cleaned and every spec of oil be cleaned.

This is a failure by the dealer to inspect the car before and a missing oil cap would stand out like a sore thumb.

But honestly, if it was me, I would get the car replaced with a new one with the oil cap on : ).

Although it MAY not have caused any damage to engine, oil certainly got into electrical connections and could cause problems down the road no matter how good a job they do cleaning.

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