Changing front wheel bearing

Front wheel drive manual.

Procedure for changing front wheel bearing.
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Wheel bearing removal:

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove cotter pin, bearing lock nut cap and bearing lock nut (apply brakes when removing lock nut). Remove brake caliper. do not disconnect brake line. Secure caliper aside.
2. Remove disc brake rotor. Remove cotter pin and castle nut from tie rod end. Using Puller (09611-22012), remove tie rod end from steering knuckle.
3. Remove nuts and bolt attaching lower ball joint to lower control arm. See Fig. 1 . Loosen, but do not remove, shock absorber lower mounting bolts.
4. Use a plastic hammer and tap on end of axle shaft to remove axle from hub. Remove shock absorber lower mounting bolts. Remove steering knuckle and axle hub as an assembly.
5. Place steering knuckle in a vise. Using puller (09950-20017), remove lower ball joint from steering knuckle (if necessary). Remove dust deflector. Remove inner oil seal and snap ring from steering knuckle.
6. Remove bolts holding dust cover to steering knuckle. Using Puller (09950-20017), remove axle hub. Remove dust cover. Remove hub bearing inner race. Using puller (09950-20017), remove hub bearing outer race from axle hub. Remove outer oil seal from steering knuckle.
7. Reinstall outer race on hub bearing. Using a brass drift and hammer, remove hub bearing from steering knuckle. Fig. 1: Identifying hub components courtesy of Toyota Motor sales, USA., inc.


1. Using an arbor press and seal driver (09316-60010), press new bearing into steering knuckle. Install hub bearing outer race on hub bearing.
2. Using seal driver and Bushing Driver (09608-32010), drive new outer oil seal into steering knuckle. Install dust cover. Apply multipurpose grease to oil seal lip and bearing. Install hub bearing inner race on hub bearing.
3. Using bearing driver (09310-35010), press hub into steering knuckle. Install snap ring into steering knuckle. Using seal driver and bushing driver (09608-10010), install new inner oil seal flush with end surface of steering knuckle.
4. Install new dust deflector into steering knuckle using seal driver (09218-46010). To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Tighten all nuts and bolts to specification.
See torque specifications table at end of article. Check front end alignment. See Specifications and procedures article in the Wheel alignment Section. Note: Always replace bearings and races as an assembly.
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