1992 Toyota Celica



August, 7, 2006 AT 2:32 PM

My a/c is not working so I took it to a garage and technician told me that my car needed an EXPANSION VALVE, which would cost me $300+.
I did some research for an expansion value on the net and the most expensive price I got was $60.
Is the technician correct with this price quote?
(also my a/c was converted to the latest a/c, if that helps any)


1 Answer



August, 7, 2006 AT 4:24 PM

It looks like to replace the valve, recover your freon and recharge the system along with a flush of the system while it is apart, the book rate is right at 3 man hours. If the shop rate is $75 and hour, you are talking about $225 in labor and then add the $60 in parts and you are approaching the $300 mark. If you can find someone who will recover your freon and recharge it after you do the repairs, then that may save you some. But you will need to do the work and flush the system while you have it apart. This may cut your repair bill in half, but you probably need to be mechanically inclined to complete this task.

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