1990 Toyota Celica



September, 29, 2006 AT 7:50 AM

90 celica gt automatic 2.2 engine

idles up to 2000 then back down to about 1500 then back again

i have 2 videos i made of it

so far i.............

cleaned the egr valve(was sticking and full of carbon)

plugs have some carbon on them so i took them out and clened them too.....
they are bosch platinum plugs

a little history about it i bought the car with some rusted fuel lines in the winter i let it sit until this summer,fixed the fuel lines,it didn't have an air filter so i got one.....the idle was this way ever since i bought it........

check engine light was on i tested it flashed a code for the map sensor.....bought one used put it in now i get NO TROUBLE CODES

and it still idles funny......put it in drive or reverse it runs fine.......

here's the 2 videos i made........

this first vid just shows how bad it idles

this vid shows how it is in drive and reverse

this last vid shows how it runs after i pull the vaccuum line off of the's the line that comes from the dashpot

3 Answers



October, 5, 2006 AT 4:02 PM

Does anybody know? : (



October, 7, 2006 AT 4:36 AM

Clean out the throttle body and the IACV and check the TPS



October, 9, 2006 AT 9:44 AM

Right now I took off the intake manifold, fuel rail, iac motor, and throttle body

the manifold is being boiled out at a local shop for only $20

when I get everything put back together and cleaned I will post the results.

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