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September, 30, 2007 AT 9:03 PM

'01 Camry, LE, automatic, 85000 mi, 6 cyl.
Had begun to hear a change in normal road noise. Took car to my regular mechanic ( NOT A DEALER ) who advised that the struts were bad and the tires cupped. $ 1300.00 later the noise was back to normal and the car rode very smooth.
After about a week I noticed that when the steering wheel was turned hard to either side I heard either a rubbing noise, or a clunk, or both from the area of the right front wheel.
Went back to the service guy who road tested the car, put it up on a lift and finally advised that the strut mounts were the cause of the problem, that they " believed " that it was not something very bad or dangerous, that I could have the mounts changed for $ 250.00, or not have the work done but simply get used to the noise, and that - in response to my question - this had nothing to do with the replacement of the struts.
Are they right?


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October, 1, 2007 AT 4:43 AM

Sorry to say 1300 for struts and they didnt replace the mounts you got ripped, tires cupped is not a strut prob but an alignment check and tire rotation, if alignment ok your not rotating the tires enough, you have to take off the mounts to replace struts, they could have damaged them putting them back on wrong


Service Writer

October, 1, 2007 AT 5:41 AM

A symptom of tire cupping can certainly be from weak struts and fatigued springs among other things. A competent and experienced technician would know this. If your steering is impeded than it is a saftey issue that the shop needs to help rectify. It would be fair of them to replace the mounts and re-align the car. You would pay for the parts (since you would have had to anyways) but they should pick up the labor for not recommending them while they were out. If they did recommend the replacement, then you'll have to foot the whole bill.

I can't comment on the price as I don't know what all was done. Was it front, rear, camber kits etc. Other work done on the bill?

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