2002 Toyota Camry



July, 15, 2009 AT 2:43 AM

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2002 Toyota Camry 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 55000 miles

my camry makes a recurring low frenquency vibration through the chassis during high speed interstate driving. Different road surfaces make it more or less noticeable, especially concrete and coarser black top. The vibration is felt in the steering wheele and the seats. The car is on it's second set of tires two of which are close to gone with only 25000 miles on them.

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July, 15, 2009 AT 2:45 AM

Hi there,

I would start with checking that the front sub frame bolts are tight, you should back each off and re tighten, this is or should be done during servicing, its in the book also check all suspension & steering components, start here.

Mark (mhpautos)

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