1999 Toyota Camry removing door panel

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 64,000 MILES
I have to replace the passenger side rear view mirror and in order to plug in the remote mirror cable, I need to remove part of the door panel. How do I do this?
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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 AT 3:15 PM

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On vehicles without power windows, place a soft cloth under the window regulator handle and pull upwards on the cloth to release the snapring. Remove the regulator handle and plate.
Remove the screw from the inside handle and slide the handle forward. Disconnect and remove the handle from the control link.
On manual mirrors, remove the setting screw and knob. Tape the end of a thin flat-bladed tool and pry the retainer loose to remove the cover.
If equipped with power windows, remove the power window switch from the and armrest.
Remove the mounting screws and remove the armrest from the door panel. Remove the inside door handle bezel by pushing rearward.
Remove the door courtesy light by pulling outward. Disconnect the electrical wiring.
Remove the two screw caps and speaker cover(s). Remove six screws from the trim panel.
Remove the door pocket from the panel.
Tape the end of a thin bladed tool, then insert the tool between the door panel and door and pry the panel outward. Disconnect the electrical wiring after the panel is free and remove the panel from the vehicle.

Connect the electrical wiring, if equipped, and install the trim panel onto the door.
Secure the trim panel with the mounting screws, then install screw caps and speaker cover(s).
Install the door pocket.
Install the armrest and secure with the mounting screws. Install the power window switch as required.
Install the door courtesy lamp. Install the inside handle bezel.
Install the outside rear view mirror cover and retainer. On manual mirrors, install the knob and setting screw.
Connect the inside handle to the control link. Install the handle, slide it rearward and install the screw.
With the door window fully closed, install the window regulator and handle.

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