1995 Toyota Camry



April, 4, 2008 AT 12:17 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1995 Toyota Camry 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 177000 miles

Car runs fine but gives me weired problem when I get stuck in traffic where I have to push brack then accelerate maybe 1000 times. Problem: while stuck in traffic all of a sudden after a while I notice pressue builds up in engine and it gets difficult to push brake. If I release brake car wants to go very fast. I put it in neautral or parking rpm shoots to 6/7000. Obviously I can't stop or don't want to stop on the bridge that's the problem happens where there's a lot of traffic. Once I cross the bridge when I want to stop, it becomes extremely hard to stop the car as I push the brake and also hand break but it still slowly moves howver it does come to a stop then I turn the engine off. When I open the hood I notice water/anti freeze leakage like the car has been heat up which is not true, I beleive this is because of the pressure that had been built up then I wait few minutes for it to cool down then start the car and it drives fine and rpm is normal. What could be the problem?


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April, 4, 2008 AT 12:56 PM

First, antifreeze leaks are not normal and should be checked! Second the reason your brake pedal get hard, is if the idle is too high you have no engine vacuum to operate the power brake booster. Check for binding throttle or linkage, operate the throttle by hand, with the engine off, does it move freely and return all the way? If not eithe the cable needs to be replaced or the throttle body, disconnect the cabe and repeat the test. This will determine which part is bad!

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