2002 Toyota Avalon


Doug Swatlowski

December, 27, 2009 AT 12:52 AM

Brakes problem
2002 Toyota Avalon 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

my brakes have locked up, the VSC and ABS light are both lit up, I reeased the front brakeson the left hand side using the bleeder screw, the front brakes released, and when I went to try to drive forward they had locked upi again. Meanwhile, there is nothing there when I press the brake pedal. The rear brakes pads were replaced 2 days ago, and the front about a month ago. When I first noticed something differant, it was that the brake pedal travel was very short, and when I come to slow down for a stop the brake pedal seemed like a brick wall, and the brakes were not doing much at all, I let off the brake pedal and pressed it again, rock hard for a moment and then went to the floor, and from that point on, no pedal whatsoever. Could this be a sensor for the VSC, or ABS? Or could it be something differant?

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January, 29, 2011 AT 2:18 PM

Any further information on this? What was done to service this car?
I experienced the same thing recently with a 2003 Avalon. Brake pedal was hard, brakes locked, ABS and Traction lights on. Unable to move car. Taken to dealer who says entire brake system needs replacement due to brake fluid softening all rubber parts. There was a similar recall (Oct 2010) for models after 2005.


Doug Swatlowski

February, 1, 2011 AT 5:51 AM

I ended up replacing the master cylinder, then bled the brakes, then I had to bleed them again 1 week later.
The variable speed control is still not working, but I do not use it anyway.
I will stop in at the dealership here, and ask more questions about it.

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