2004 Suzuki


Paul Read

September, 22, 2006 AT 6:04 PM

Hello there, I wonder if you could help me.
I have a Suzuki Alto GLS (2004 - only 5300 miles), recently its had trouble starting - the starter motor makes a slow whuring noise that isnt enough to start the engine. Strange thing is this seems to work fine after not using the car for a couple of hours, it only seems to give me trouble after the car has been driven for a bit. If l wait a couple of minuets and try again, (and sometimes again and again!) Eventually I can get it started, but the starter hasnt the power that it has say 1st thing in the morning.

If the car is left overnight it seems to start up fine 1st time in the mornings.

I also have no idear where the starter is located.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

1 Answer



October, 25, 2006 AT 9:03 PM

Well it sounds like the starter is bad! The problem is when the engine heats up the starter heats up also! Sometimes the parts inside get out of wack and the heat causes everything to expand! Thus the problem your having.

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