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Hi i have a subaru impreza 2 litre sport, 1997, mailage 150k
drove the car 200 miles on the way home from picking it up from buying it. then the next morning i came to it and it turned over for abou 10 second and cut out. i took it to the garage to get a diagnostics on it and that showed a immobiliser fault. they said if i replaced the ecu immobiliser and key reader and key it would start. so thats what i did know the car is still doing the same starting for about 10 seconds and cutting out. the petrol pump and relay are both ok. so is the heater temperature swtch as that as also been replaced.
im desperate for help as i have spent alot of money on this car and no one seems to know what is wrong.

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have the same problem?
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 AT 4:21 PM

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It sounds like its time you took the idle control valve off & make sure its not sticking & is well greased.I think this is the solution to the problem. OR take the car to an auto electrcian & get him to check the curcuit. Thanks

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Friday, August 3rd, 2007 AT 3:42 PM

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