1994 Saturn SL1 fuel filter

  • 1994 SATURN SL1
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 186,000 MILES
How do I replace fuel filter on94 saturn
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On 1991-97 models, the fuel filter is attached to the vehicle frame in the lower left portion of the engine compartment.


Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.
Remove the fresh air intake hose from the camshaft or rocker cover and remove the air inlet tube.
Properly relieve the fuel system pressure as follows:

A. Remove the air cleaner or air intake duct, as applicable.

B. Wrap a shop rag around the fuel test port fitting at the lower rear of the engine, remove the cap and connect pressure gauge tool SA9127E or equivalent.

C. Install the bleed hose into an approved container and open the valve to bleed the system pressure. After the system pressure is bled, remove the gauge from the pressure test port and recap it.

Clean the female end of the quick connect fitting by spraying it with penetrating oil, then detach the large underhood fuel line connection located near the intake manifold support brace on the left side of the vehicle using the tool supplied with the replacement filter, SA9157E or equivalent.
Raise and support the vehicle safely.
Disengage the quick connect fitting at the fuel filter inlet (rear of the filter) by pinching the 2 plastic tangs together and pulling on the supply line.
Loosen the fuel filter band clamp nut, but do not completely remove.
Carefully push or pull the filter out of the assembly and discard the filter in an appropriate container.

To install:

If the band clamp was removed, clip the fuel return and vapor lines in place and install 2 new band clamp nuts. Make sure all lines are in place and will not interfere with or be damaged by filter installation, then tighten the bracket nuts to 27 inch lbs. (3 Nm).
Clean the female end of the filter inlet quick connect fitting by holding the line facing downward and spraying penetrating oil up into the fitting. Be careful not to bend or kink the line.
If not already installed, insert a new snap lock retainer into the female end of the filter inlet quick connect fitting.
Route the filter' nylon outlet line through the band clamp and insert the filter far enough into the band clamp to connect the outlet line to the engine's fuel line attachment. Lubricate the male end of the connector with clean engine oil, snap the connector together and pull on the line to verify proper fitting.
Position the filter in the band clamp assembly with the filter' forward edge located 1 / 4 inch (6.35mm) from the front of the band clamp.
Lubricate the male end of the fuel supply line with clean engine oil. Snap the line into the fuel filter and pull back to verify that the fitting is secure. Tighten the band clamp nut to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm).
Lower the vehicle and install the air cleaner or intake duct, as applicable. Connect the air inlet tube and fresh air hose.
Connect the negative battery cable, then prime the fuel system as follows:

A. Turn the ignition ON for 5 seconds and then OFF for 10 seconds.

B. Repeat the ON/OFF cycle 2 more times.
C. Crank the engine until it starts.
D. If it does not start, repeat Steps a-c.
E. Run the engine and check for leaks.
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