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Engine Cooling problem
1994 Saturn SC1 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

How can I replace a water pump on the car
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Allow a sufficient amount of time for the engine to cool down.
Disconnect the negative battery cable. Drain the engine coolant from the radiator and block drains into a suitable clean container.
Remove the serpentine drive belt.
Raise the front of the vehicle and support safely using suitable jackstands. Remove the right front tire and inner wheel well splash shield.
If access to the water pump is desired from underhood, remove the air conditioning compressor bolts and position the compressor aside with the refrigerant lines intact.
Spray the water pump hub with penetrating oil to loosen any rust or corrosion that might bind the pulley and damage it during removal.
Remove the water pump pulley bolts and allow the pulley to hang freely on the hub. A 1 in. (25.4mm) block of wood or a hammer handle may be wedged between the pump and crankshaft pulleys to hold the assembly while loosening the retaining bolts.
Move the pulley outward or remove as necessary for access and remove the 6 water pump flange bolts. Carefully pull the pump and pulley assembly away from the engine and remove the assembly from the vehicle. If necessary, a gasket scraper may be inserted under the flange, but be careful not to damage the machined aluminum block sealing surface.
To install:

Thoroughly clean the gasket mating surfaces of all old gasket material. Apply a small amount of gasket sealant at the outer edges of the bolt holes to hold the gasket in place, then install the gasket onto the water pump assembly.
Install the pump assembly with the small bump located next to one of the attaching bolts in the 11 o'clock position. Install and tighten the bolts in a crisscross sequence as shown to 22 ft. lbs. (30 Nm).
Install or reposition the pump pulley, as applicable and tighten the bolts to 19 ft. lbs. (25 Nm). If the pump hub exposed through the pulley is rusty, clean it with a wire brush and apply a thin coat of primer to prevent the pulley from rusting onto the hub.
Install the serpentine drive belt, the right splash shield and right tire assembly.
If repositioned, install the air conditioning compressor.
Close the radiator drain plug and install the cylinder block drain plug. Tighten the block plug to 26 ft. lbs. (35 Nm).
Connect the negative battery cable and properly fill the engine cooling system.
Operate the engine and check for coolant leaks.

Water pump bolt torque sequence


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