March, 26, 2007 AT 10:01 PM

2000 saturn ls2 engine 3.0 and it has roughly 89,000 miles on it. Ok so here goes my car just up and died a few days ago while driving. My husband got it towed to a friends shop who when looking at it said it was the timing belt that had broken, well he then called back and said that the tensioner that goes with the timing belt was in pieces (whatever he showed me was in several pieces) so we orderd it from saturn and he put it on but the car wont start. Could it be that the timing belt/or tensioner was put on wrong or not aligned correctly for it not to start or do I have bigger problems on my plate? Please help I know nothing about cars.


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March, 30, 2007 AT 8:44 PM

These engines are called interference motors. Unfortunately when the valve timing is corrupted a lot of bad things can happen, first thing that comes to mind are bent valves. Have a compression test done.

Good luck and let us know.



April, 7, 2007 AT 2:36 PM

I'm having the same problem. There was a terrible noise from the engine. Took it to Pep Boys nearby
where the mechanic diagnosed it as being a bad bearing on the timing belt tensioner. He said there were clearly visible metal filings around the bearing.
He said there was no damage to the engine because the timing belt was intact. I Got Saturn Corp. Customer service involved and they gave me a case#(I had to have it towed to a Saturn dealer to be officially diagnosed). Here's the deal: manufacturers of these timing components(eg: Dayco, Gates)recommend that when you change the timing belt you should also replace the tensioner and then they'll warranty the parts for 60,000mi. That's why they sell them in a kit. However, they don't make a kit for my model saturn only the timing belt. Saturn won't replace the timing tensioner with the timing belt(eg: if the water pump leaks on the timing belt) under warranty unless it's bad. Here's the kicker: for the vehicle there are 2 kits. VIN#YY6. The kit #22708845 will not work only kit #24449772 due to a break in the VIN #'s according to a service manager at a local Saturn dealer. Most Saturn parts dept. I contacted were'nt aware of this and could'nt find the latter part#. : D If anyone would like to send me a starbucks or similar gift card for this info.
Addendum 04/10/2007: now the the service manager is'nt sure which of the saturn part kit(s) is for my car : : x : shock: : o : (

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