Is it worth replacing timing belt and valves?

  • 2000 SATURN
  • 17,900 MILES
My car, a 2000 saturn lw2, has been rough, with a knocking like sound when running. It went onto the shop where they replace the mass airflow sensor, but it did not fix the problem. The car did seem to run better until one day as I drove it it started sounding really bad, and loss of compression? I got to the store I was going to and turned off the car. I started it up about 3 times letting the engine crank up and turn it off. After the 3rd time, I went I to the store. I came out and tried starting the car. All it did was whirr, and did not try catching. I was told it was the timing belt. My question is: is it worth it replacing the timing belt and any bent valves.
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Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 AT 4:38 PM

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Those early saurn V6 engines had issues with failing timing belt tensioners. If it has the oringal tenisor you would need the update kit which has the timming belt backing plate the belt cam sprocket bolts a revised tenisor/idler pulley assembly that relocates the tenisor from. The side to the top. Also there is a chance the valves aren't bent wont know till its looked at.
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Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 AT 4:46 PM

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