May, 17, 2006 AT 3:37 AM

I have a 1994 Saturn SL, and I think I overfilled the Transmission Fluid. What should I do?

I just recently started using the car (my brother's), and he said there was a small transmission fluid leak so I should check it and refill occasionally. I checked it for the first time the other day, with the engine hot and running while the car idled in park as specified in the manual, and it was low. So I bought the fluid, added much less than a pint (the manual said a pint should refill it), and now when I try to take the reading it appears that I highly highly overfilled it, the reading seems off the chart. What should I do?

There are warnings everywhere not to overfill it, so does that mean I shouldn't drive the car anymore? Do I need to have it towed? Or should I drive it to a service station? Or should I try to siphon it out myself?

Any advice would be most helpful, thanks.


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May, 17, 2006 AT 12:36 PM

Get the engine good and warm Check the level. If it is more than 1/4 inch over the full mark, you need to let someout. It always reads very high when cold.

The problem with an over fill it cavitates and causes air bubbles which causes tranny damage.



May, 17, 2006 AT 1:41 PM

It's supposed to read higher when cold?

I took the reading cold and it was perfectly within the proper amount. Then I turned on the engine for a few minutes and checked, but the reading seemed to have skyrocketed. Maybe I'm taking the reading incorrectly, but it definitely seems much higher when hot.

Should I drive the car around to get it hot? I've just left it idling.

(sorry i'm real new when it comes to car maintenance, I kinda feel like an idiot)



May, 17, 2006 AT 3:11 PM

COLD the level is HIGHER--Get the car hot and check the level it will be accurate. Good luck



May, 17, 2006 AT 9:11 PM

I would also recommend having the trans at operating temp.

Park the vehicle on a level surface and apply the parking brake.

Move the gear selector through all gears, then position the selector in P.

With all accessories turned OFF, allow the vehicle to idle for 3 minutes.

Withdraw the dipstick and check for proper fluid level.

If you need to remove fluid you can replace the spin on filter. That should help. Be sure to get the filter from a saturn dealer. If the magnet at the base of the filter is still there reuse it.

Fluid change intervals are at 30,000 miles so if you were only adding fluid you might be due for a change. Use only mobil 1 synthetic tranny fluid. Should hold around 6 quarts.

Good luck and let us know. : )



May, 22, 2006 AT 2:00 PM

Thanks alot for the help. I realized that I didn't get the car hot enough when I was checking, and for some reason the fluid covered the dipstick very thinly. When I drove around longer and got the car hotter, and then slowly shifted through each gear, I was able to get a more defined, thick reading, and it was quite [i: a88ed33b4d]underfilled[/i: a88ed33b4d], not overfilled. Knowing it should be higher when cold helped alot.

Anyways, should be fine now, I appreciate your help, this site is a great idea.

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