February, 26, 2006 AT 7:46 PM

Hi I have a '94 Saturn SL2 odometer reads 98k miles, though it stopped working probably about 60k miles ago. What can I do to get this working again?

The rear brakes (drum) squeek while braking, I've inspected the drums they look ok, I've replaced the shoes, squeeking remains.

Engine overheats while idle (sitting at stop lights, traffic, etc) I've replaced the radiator, as it popped because of this issue, I've replaced the thermostat, I've replaced the hoses, I've flushed the resevoir tank, I've replaced the Engine Temperature Coolant Sensor (the one to the fan, not the one to the PCM). The fan does not kick on idle, though it does work while the AC is turned on, or I can flip the AC on till the fan turns on, then turn the AC off, and the fan will remain on until the engine is at an acceptable temperature (3/8th of gauge).

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated (before I put the dang car in the shop!)

so frustrating.


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February, 26, 2006 AT 8:38 PM

The two coolant sensors on the 95 and earlier model Saturns control the dashboard temperature gauge and provide information to the PCM (computer). The one for the PCM in effect controls the startup of the cooling fan by sending a signal/voltage to the cooling fan relay. I recommend the updated ECTS with the brass tip from Saturn.

Are there any codes set? If not I would think the speedo gauge is bad. The instument panel gauges are not serviceable individually. The entire panel must be replaced. If it is the speedo gauge itself try a junkyard.

The VSS (vehicle speed sensor) provides the input to the computer that drives the speedo. Check it, it's connections, and it's wiring. It will set a code if it is bad. It can be tested for resistance (700 to 900 ohms).

Good luck and let us know. : )



February, 27, 2006 AT 7:10 PM

I'll give the other sensor a go, see if that corrects my problems, and idea's on the breaks? And the speedometer works great, its the mileage/odometer/tripometer thats faulty, explain that in semi-technical mostly noobish terms : -D (perferably with locations for these parts.)



February, 28, 2006 AT 6:13 PM

A little research about your odometer turned this up.
"A little red gear operates both the odometer and trip odometer. This gear is apparently vulnerable to interior heat in warmer climes, and the teeth break off with depressing regularity, rendering both odometers inop. This is a well-known vulnerability in our Saturns. Its about 1/4 inch in diameter, and fairly expensive (around $29.00, depending on where you order it).
Replacing this gear is not "simple" by any means. But it can be done by somebody fairly adept with hand tools, and should fix the problem permanently."

As far as the rear brakes go I would try a spring kit (hardware repacement kit from any autoparts house) and also checking the backing plate. The brake shoes rest against the backing plate in three diffent spots apiece. Some times those spots get ridges or grooves. I would try carefully grinding them flat and applying a very thin film of high temp grease at these sliding points.

Good luck with the other temp sensor. Let us know how it goes. : )

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