97 Saturn Electric windows all stuck Down!

  • 1997 SATURN
It all started when I was turning around in the road and my shifter linkage bushing broke. (To everyone out there this is when suddenly stuck in a gear and the shifter flops around. Buy the Delran or steel bushing on eBay for $20. Oo rather than $350.00 from Saturn for the whole cable assembly)
Anyway, I pulled the shifter housing off in someone's driveway with a borrowed pair of screw drivers and popped the tranny into second so I could limp home. It was hot and my windows were down and in order to pop the linkage with my fingers, I had to disconnect all of the window switches in order to remove the housing. I got back to work and plugged the switches back in to roll up the windows and KAZAM. Nothing works. I check the fuses, none are burnt. The rear view mirror still works, the switch is in the same location. Could this be a relay? Or what? I have had no other problems before this with the windows. Does anyone have a suggestion? My best theory is that its either a relay or the drivers window stitch crapped out. Assuming the others run their power through it. It is the only one that doesn't click when its depressed.
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Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 AT 2:52 PM

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Hey 62,

I am assuming you have an SL?

Did you check both fuse boxes. There should be a 30 amp fuse in the underhood fuse box and either a 10 amp or 7.5 amp fuse in the passenger compartment fuse box. Check the relay for the pws by swapping it out with one that you know works (ac, cooling fan, etc.)

I don't think power for the rear windows goes thru the drivers window swtch. If you have a lockout button for the other windows their power goes thru it. The back windows will work even if the drivers window will not. They All do share the same ground tho. It is located under the left front seat.

Smooth move on the broken shifter linkage!

Good hunting and let us know. :)
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Saturday, May 5th, 2007 AT 4:49 PM

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