2003 Rover 75



September, 12, 2009 AT 9:04 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Rover 75 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 65000 miles


I have a Rover 75 1.8t. I have had a few months worth of problems (HGF!!) that resulted in having a new engine fitted by the garage I purchased the car from. (Engine was from Ivor Searle)
By my own admission I slightly overfilled the engine with oil, that was soon drained (within several hundred miles, as it was smoking a little)
The problem I have now is that there is a great billowing of whitish/grey smoke from the exhaust upon start up. I cannot leave the car to idle now to see if it will go away as there is just too much smoke.
Can anyone advise as to the cause? I have changed the oil and filter, to no avail.
I have read up much on what the possible causes could be..
HGF - New engine only on 1.5k with no tell tale signs.
Turbo seal - Seams clean and oil free (what I could see)
Emissions sensors - No clue I'm afraid
Coolant getting into engine - No clue
Cat Converter - No clue
I have included a photo (on start up - before the real fun starts)
Please help - I have had my car for 8 months and hardly driven it.

In Anticipation - Many Thanks




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Dave H

September, 13, 2009 AT 6:13 AM

Was the engine NEW or a used (recon) engine? Also how much did you overfill with oil? (1 litre or more/less) you can rule out any sensor or the catalytic convertor. They would not cause this smoking. Have an engine cylinder compression test to check for headgasket failure. This is the most probable cause ! It could also be the turbo but this ususally only tends to give excessive smoke when using the accelorator (revving up) not directly at start up tick over as the turbo is not been used at this time !

Let me know
Dave H

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