Suddenly will not start

  • 2009 KIA RONDO
  • 2.4L
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 144,000 MILES
Starting in the beginning. In November 2020, car threw a P0014 code. Googled and found it could be due to dirty oil. Started there. Had oil and filter changed. Code went away after driving for less than a day and didn't come back.

Fast forward to last weekend. On a 45 minute drive back home, car threw another code, P2096 and began making a slight noise (almost a pinging?) Around 2,000 RPMs. Since sometimes I had to allow the key to sit in "on" before the car would start, I thought it was a fuel filter/pump. The car would typically start normal, just occasionally I would have to try twice.

On Sunday I changed the fuel pump and in tank fuel strainer. Replaced everything and went to start it and it wont start at all now. It cranks fine. Just wont fire.

*I've verified the pump is working (I can hear the hum) and the fuel relays are working.
*Fuel is making it to the injectors.
*The injectors are not dirty. They spray in a normal cone pattern and they pulsate.
*I've changed the plugs.
*Changed the MAP sensor.
*Changed the Crankshaft sensor.
*Changed the positioning sensor.
*The car will briefly start if you put fuel in the throttle body but shuts off as soon as it has burned off.

At this point I am out of ideas. Anyone got anything! Thank you!
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 AT 4:37 PM

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If it starts when you pour fuel to it, then it isn't getting gas via the injectors. You indicated the injectors are working properly. How were they tested? Have you confirmed a fuel injector pulse from the computer?

Take a look through this link and let me know what you find:


We are missing something simple. If there are spark and fuel, the timing is correct, and there is compression, it has no choice. It has to run. Also, you indicated the fuel pump was replaced and running. Are you certain the fuel pressure is within the manufacturer's specs? Here is a link showing how that is done:

Let me know. Also, if you could record it cranking and upload it for me to hear, it may help.


Was this
Thursday, March 18th, 2021 AT 7:19 PM

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