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November, 9, 2006 AT 2:45 PM

1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II, 85000 miles

Whenever I try to start the car it is very rough and I have to give it lots of gas to keep it going. I hear a tick-tick-tick sound. After driving a few miles the car will often behave normally again.

Does this sound like dirty injectors? Bad wire-set? Need new spark plugs or something?

Any help would be appreciated!


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December, 7, 2006 AT 1:16 AM

Put your finger on the injectors and see if you feel the tick you hear. At that age it's probably the injectors or the cold star injector(if equiped)



March, 15, 2007 AT 11:30 PM

Isn't that still covered under warranty?(Kidding) you might try checking the fuel pressure, pump may be beginning to fail. Hope this helps-Joe



March, 16, 2007 AT 8:09 AM

Smooths out when the tick goes away? Might be lifters bleeding down?


Rolls-Royce Specialists

June, 20, 2007 AT 10:00 AM

1978 Rolls-Royce Service problem noise from engine when first started, First of all in 1978 they did not have fuel injection. Second when you start a Rolls-Royce in that year some times the brake pumps will make a lifter noise and have nothing to do with poor start up period and or noise, that could be another problem in its self period. Rolls-Royce start up with poor idle could be from incorrect choke settings incorrect fuel adjustment spark plugs shot do to all of the above, also carbs could need rebuilt do to age and floats need replaced do to over fueling, Poor ignition etc, First go Back to basics remove plugs check for proper firing and pressures in cylinders that the readings are correct and close to each other then move from there, to give a better over all picture, to answer your questions, in a correct manner, these engines are expensive and not to play around with find people who have correct knowledge of your product, What works with other motor cars will not work with yours, you must use Crew built parts, and the people who know theses cars inside and out period. I would make it a point to become a member of the Rolls-Royce Club in P.A. I am a Rolls-Royce Appointed National Judge And service garage Established out of Ireland in 1934, if we dont know the correct answer we wont make one up! Service tecks from around the world call me and the very few like myself for correct answers and were to start looking for problems, also many of garages send me carbs to rebuild and or sublet to my garage and have them shipped in for repairs! From the answers you were given from other tecks it could be in the areas they have pointed to you but that would be almost very unlikely unless your motor car has been badly over heated in some way!

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