2000 Renault Scenic



February, 23, 2008 AT 4:48 AM

Engine Cooling problem
2000 Renault Scenic Engine Size unknown Two Wheel Drive Manual 60315 miles

The engine coolant level on my Renault Scenic (W57 FKE) keeps going down, and I have to keep topping the level up. I can't find any leaks anywhere.
What could the problem be?


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February, 23, 2008 AT 5:15 AM

Any white smoke at the tail pipe and overheating problem? If you're not leaking then you're burning it in the combustion chamber.

Get it block or pressure tested.



February, 23, 2008 AT 5:23 AM

There is no white smoke but we have had a couple of occasions where the temperature has gone above the norm

Any Answers?

Ian Glenn



February, 23, 2008 AT 5:27 AM

For a start replace the thermostat and also might want to bleed the cooling system.

Always bleed air from cooling system after replacing coolant. Set heater for maximum heat. Remove radiator cap. Loosen drain plug and remove drain bolt (if equipped) from engine block. Drain coolant reservoir. Fill coolant reservoir to MAX mark with 50/50 water-coolant mixture. Loosen bleed bolt and fill radiator up to base of filler neck. Close bleed bolt when coolant flows out without bubbles. Tighten bleed bolt. With radiator cap removed, start and operate engine to normal operating temperature. Add coolant if necessary and check for leaks.



July, 9, 2008 AT 3:50 PM

I have had a 1997 scenic with 169,347 miles clocked up, I had a problem with coolant loss, I checked every thing in the end it turned out to be the coolant filler cap. How did I find out, I dropped the cap and it got ran over as it rolled down the road, so I went to my renault dealer purchased a new cap and hey presto no more coolant loss!

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