Codes P0300, P1136, U1001, P1564, P0327, P0183, P0462, P0123, random misfire

  • 2004 NISSAN 350Z
  • 3.5L
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 95,000 MILES
I have some really fun problems if you’re smart and not dumb like me. Unexplainable codes, random misfires etc. No specific cylinder misfire code. I changed every coil pack, every injector, every spark plug, the MAF, did the ECU reset and throttle reset. When I take off in the car, I get slip warnings and a blinking check engine light. Seems to be a tiny bit better with traction control off. It studders and hesitates until I reach around 3,000 RPMs and seems to run fine at the high RPMs. It seems like it’s electrical, but I have checked every fuse and relay on the car, and nothing is bad. The only thing I can guess is that it's got a bad ECM, but with my luck I’d spend $500.00 and have the same problem. Please help. Codes: p0300, p1136, u1001, p1564, p0327, p0183, p0462, p0123
Friday, April 8th, 2022 AT 2:00 PM

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Let's take a step back and find out the history on this vehicle. Basically, if the vehicle has all these different issues, I suspect you have multiple issues because most of these are not related.

I would suggest we start with the misfire issue and that means we should chase down the knock sensor code because if you are getting spark knock due to a faulty knock sensor then that will cause the multi cylinder misfire.

This P0300 code is just telling you that not one cylinder is consistently misfiring. This means we have an issue that is affecting all cylinders and a faulty knock sensor can cause this.

Also, a misfire is determined because the engine is not seeing crank shaft acceleration when it should, so we need to find why that is happening.

I am attaching the info below on this code so let's run through this and go from there. If we clear that code and all the rest is left, then we will move onto the next one.

Was this
Saturday, April 9th, 2022 AT 9:32 AM

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