99 996 Water Pump, Altenator, Starter Replacement

  • 1999 PORSCHE
I have a 99 996 65k miles and almost zero mechanical issues until now. I recently had 60k service ($1200) at which time the serpentine belt was replaced. I was also informed of a ($900) oil leak, which surprised me as I had not oil on my driveway. When I got the car back (8 days later since they had no parts) it leaked like a stuck pig / was idling ruff and just not sounding the way an owner know his car should sound.

So apparently some little rubber o ring was the culprit.... $1.50 part but they had to keep my car for 7 days because they did not have it in stock (no charge for labor). I get my car back.... Still doesn’t sound right... It’s making a tapping, grinding, rubbing noise so I take it back on two on separate occasions but they don’t’ hear anything ($110 for diagnosis). They give me the car back I get about.5 mile down the street and this LOUD TAPPING GRINDING noise. I immediately stop the car and tow it to dealership. I was informed the water pump went out and was the source of the noise. The following day I received a call from the dealership advising me that my serpentine belt would need to be replace (understandably) and the bearings were going out in the alternator and it would need to be replaced ($1900). Again no parts and I get my car back 6 days later. I drive the car for 1 days and the when I press down the gas the RPM’s rise but my car doesn’t accelerate like it should. I take it too the dealer and now my clutch was going out ($1700 parts $800 labor). I get a call the next day and they inform me that my
Starter was going out and needs to be replaced ($850). Does this sound suspicious? I am not looking to point fingers and understand the sometimes when it rains it pours. Since this serpentine belt runs around everything could an incorrect installation cause all this stuff to go out of wack and all to fail almost simultaneously? I know the clutch is not related but the serpentine belt, starter, alternator, and water pump? Again no parts, they have had my car for 3 weeks because the pressure plate is on back order. Porsche makes a clutch kit (pressure plate, bearing, clutch disk), which is not on back order, but they ordered them separately-- thus the delay and my $1000+ car rental bill. Unbelievable shotty service and over 8k in repairs and no loner car has caused me now question everything.

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Friday, December 8th, 2006 AT 9:40 PM

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My thought would be to stop taking it to that dealer. My best advice would be to make an appointment at a Porsche specific shop, even a performance shop would do. I cannot advise you to void any warranties, but with a high performance vehicle it is usually best left in the hand of performance minded mechanics. They may still not have the parts instock, but it also should not cost as much as you paid to have a vehicle that does not work. Sometimes when rain falls it pours, but don't believe it if you dont see any rain, if you know what I'm saying. Second opinions are worth it.
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Saturday, May 19th, 2007 AT 1:22 AM

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