1977 Porsche 911



November, 3, 2010 AT 6:46 PM

Brakes problem
1977 Porsche 911 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 178000 miles

Brake pedal does not return causing all for disk brakes to stay engaged.

Could the brake booster or the master cylinder cause this symptom and how do I trouble shoot these items?

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May, 3, 2011 AT 6:50 AM

2 things can cause this problem a leaky vacume hose leading to the botom drivers side area of the booster just below the master cyl. But not likely '' most likely'' its the return spring down at the base of pedal its a coil spring with a hook on one end that wraps around the pedal to hold it in the up'' position take a peek at it '' good luck. Hope this helps. Mechtrix

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