1988 Pontiac Sunbird Water Pump


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1988 Pontiac Sunbird 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 300000 miles

How many bolts are on the water pump and where are they located. We are changing the timing belt and the water pump. We have the crank pulley off and now want to remove the timing belt and water pump anybody help?

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Removal (1987-88)
Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove belts, brackets and shields necessary to gain access to crankshaft pulley. Remove timing belt front cover. SeeFig. 1 .
Rotate crankshaft so timing mark on crankshaft pulley lines up with 10 degrees BTDC mark on indicator scale. Mark on camshaft sprocket must align with mark on camshaft carrier. Remove crankshaft pulley.
Remove timing probe holder. Verify timing marks are aligned, and loosen water pump retaining bolts to remove timing belt.
Fig. 1: Exploded View Of Timing Belt & Components


Installation (1987-88)
Install new timing belt on sprockets. Install crankshaft pulley and check for alignment of timing marks. Using Adjuster (J-33039) or equivalent, rotate water pump clockwise until slack is removed from timing belt. Tighten water pump bolts. See Fig. 2


NOTE:If new timing belt has been installed, check final tension with engine at operating temperature. If new head gasket is installed, cylinder head must be retightened AFTER initial warm-up. Timing belt tension MUST then be rechecked.

Using Cam Drive Belt Tension Gauge (J-26486-A) or equivalent, check belt tension between water pump and camshaft sprocket. Initial new belt tension should be 38 lbs. (17 kg). Used belt tension should be 27-36 lbs. (12-16 kg).
Reassemble components and run engine to operating temperature (thermostat open). As new belt takes a set position, substantial tension loss will occur. After belt has been run, recheck tension with gauge on belt.
If belt tension is incorrect, loosen water pump bolts and rotate pump until correct tension is obtained. Hot timing belt tension specification is 30 lbs. (13 kg).
DO NOT leave tension gauge on belt during retightening, or reading will be inaccurate. Tighten water pump bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Reverse removal procedure to complete installation. Adjust drive belts to proper tension.

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